Exploring The City of Brotherly Love

Good morning! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! This past weekend Adam and I took my mom to Philadelphia for a Phillies baseball game. This was her Mother’s Day/birthday present combined. We left after work on Friday to head down to Philadelphia. Its about a 4 hour drive, so to save time we packed dinner for the road. We arrived at about 10:15 on Friday to the Air BnB that I had booked. It was a cute little row house. I loved this place! It was so nicely furnished and had everything we needed. It was also really conveniently located. The area is called Brewerytown.

On Saturday I woke up nice and early per usual. I made coffee for everyone when they woke up and relaxed looking at attractions to visit before and after the game. Adam woke up shortly after the coffee was ready. We decided to run to the transit station and buy day passes for the public transportation system. It was so much easier getting around with those passes. They allowed us to ride the bus, subway, trolley and tram all day. When we got to the transit station it was relatively quiet due to it being so early on a Saturday. It was really easy to buy the passes. The inside of the build was beautiful! Then we simply ran back to the row house we were staying in to have breakfast and start our day. We ran 4.5 miles total, and it was really great!

Running in a new area is one of our favorite things to do! It’s a great way to explore the area and see things. You just have to remember that it’s okay to stop and take pictures and take in the scenery around you. So, you’re not necessarily going to have the best pace. While running to the transit station we went by the Museum of Art, aka the Rocky Steps! I wonder how many people per day visit the museum but just to see the steps and don’t even go inside. We took a bunch of pictures and really enjoyed taking in the area around the museum. We ran through a couple of parks, saw some of the city, enjoyed the Rocky steps at the museum and ran along the Delaware River.

After showering and breakfast, we began exploring the city with my mom walking. We walked back to the Art Museum so my mom could check out the steps and then went to the Reading Terminal Market. There were so many vendors there selling all different types of food! Everything looked and smelled amazing!

From there we began our trek for the best Philly cheese steaks in the city at John’s Roast Pork. The sandwiches were delicious! Next we went to Victory Brewing Company. They have a location directly across the street from the Phillies Stadium. We got a beer and played some bags. By this time, the sun had come out and it was pretty hot out! However, once we got to the stadium things slowly started to change. A little while after getting to our seats, it started raining. We went and looked at the merchandise shops to escape the rain for a bit. The game was delayed about 30 minutes due to the rain.

I really enjoyed being at the game. I like seeing baseball live so much better than watching it on TV. The Phillies lost against the Arizona Diamondbacks 1-5.

After the game was over we had a late dinner at Flying Fish Crafthouse. They had a Blueberry Braggott which was delicious! Mom and I split a seafood flatbread pizza which had crab and shrimp on it and was seasoned with Old Bay. I never would have thought to put seafood on a pizza before, but it was amazing!

After dinner, we were ready to head back and hit they hay! I got in over 30,000 steps walking and running around the city of Philadelphia exploring.

This sandwich board was outside a bar on our walk. I thought it was pretty amusing! 🙂

Life After a Marathon

Your body gets very sore after running for 26.2 miles straight. You need hydration, fuel, you need to keep moving, stretching and walking it out at the same time that your body needs rest.

After the Buffalo Marathon, my mom met us with Porter and we all walked back to the Air BnB together. It was a slow walk. I wasn’t feeling well and was tired. We drank lots of water as we walked. When I got back to where we were staying, I rested on the couch while eating half of a bagel. My stomach was basically empty, and I didn’t want to have a huge meal right away. After resting up and showering I felt refreshed!

It was a beautiful day out, so we walked to get popsicles for a treat. I have learned that popsicles after a long run are a great way to keep hydrating yourself without feeling like your chugging a ton of water.

We kept slowly moving and explored the Buffalo and Erie County Navel and Military Park. It was fitting because we were there for Memorial weekend. We had run by this park during the marathon and wanted to check it out more in depth.

In the days to follow I continued to walk, stretch and let my body recoup. The race was on a Sunday, and I would say that the following Tuesday my body was probably the most sore. On Monday and Tuesday we did not do any running. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I ran 2-3 miles each day. I was becoming less and less sore every day. In addition to running, I completed stretching yoga, and rowed on the rower. The next week I continued to run 4-6 miles a day. The mornings here have been so beautiful, it is hard to not get out in the morning for a workout! Whenever I complete a hard workout, I take turmeric that day and the following couple of days. It helps with inflammation that may occur.

Soon Adam and I will begin to train for our century ride (100 mile bike ride) coming up in September. On Sunday we went on a short bike ride to get reacquainted with the bikes. The weather was perfect for riding and it was nice to change up our workout! Yesterday, I rode 16 miles on the bike. We don’t have a training schedule established for the century ride yet, but it will be something I’m working on this coming week. Has anyone ever completed a century ride? Do you have a training schedule you would like to share? Tips?

Buffalo Marathon Summary

Well…we are official Buffalo Marathon Finishers! I really enjoyed the views along the route. The crowd was very encouraging and fun! Some neighborhoods had music playing, signs out, people cheering, sprinklers going incase runners wanted to run through, oranges and water they were handing out separate from what the people putting on the race put out, people were high fiving! It was a really great experience. The route was mostly flat with some small inclines and declines.

There were people running the race as a relay with four teammates, running the half marathon and others running the full marathon. This race was MUCH bigger than the Binghamton Marathon that we ran last September. However, it was very well put together so the larger crowd didn’t pose any problems before, during or after the race.

The AirBNB we stayed at was a little over a mile from the start line, so we walked to the race in the morning. We met up with Adam’s cousin so we could all start the race together. It was great catching up with her and talking about our training! They let off fireworks just before the race started. I attempted to video the fireworks, but due to user error, missed the majority of them. lol!

The race started downtown Buffalo. I was trying to be very careful not to push too hard at the beginning of the race, but my body felt good at that point so it was hard to dial it back. You never know how much energy you need to save to the end of the race.

The crowd running with us was pretty thick for the first half. Then, after the half marathoner’s finished at mile 13.1 the road really opened up! It was so nice seeing all the people cheering on the runners and giving encouragement as we ran by. Our bibs actually had our first names on them, and people would call us out by name to encourage the runners and wish them luck.

At mile 14 we began running with a girl who said she was running her first marathon. She told us how happily surprised she was to find everyone so nice and friendly. She made a great observation, people who were running the race and watching were so kind and encouraging! It really made the run more enjoyable!

We also talked to a guy who said this was his 102nd marathon that he had run! I asked him which was his favorite so far; he said that he is a Marine and the very first marathon he ever ran was with the U.S. Marine Corps and that was his favorite. He said they ran the whole marathon in formation. I have read a lot of blogs about people completing over 100 marathons, completing marathons in every U.S. state, and on every continent. This was the first time I ever met someone in person who had ran over 100 marathons. The fact that he ran a full marathon in formation with his unit is a pretty impressive feat!

As we approached mile 20, I began to feel very sore and tired. The sun was coming out and getting hot quickly! Adam and I had taken water and/or Gatorade at just about every drink station we came to. The drink stations were every 2 miles from mile 1-13 and then every mile from 13-26.2. I felt like I had plenty of water in my system.

Thank GOD Adam was running with me, because without him saying anything to me, he is so encouraging and motivating to help me push through. Running takes a lot of mental strength. It can be easy to tell yourself that what your doing is too hard, your body is too sore, and that you should just stop. When you’re running, you have a lot of time to think. Which means you have a lot of time to talk yourself out of what your doing. When I glance over at Adam, I know if I stopped, so would he. I didn’t want to bring him down just because I was feeling tired. So, I kept going and pushed through. We slowed down when I needed a break, but continued to move forward and didn’t stop until we passed the finish line!

Overall, I had a TON of fun and will look back at the training for this marathon and marathon day itself as a huge accomplishment! Our ending time was 4 hours and 26 minutes. We did not PR this marathon as we had hoped. The afternoon that we finished, I said I might not ever run a marathon again. I was tired and I thought I’d had enough. However, since then I am considering signing up for the Buffalo marathon again next year. It was truly a great race and an amazing experience! I also really want to do better than I did this year, and even do better than my first marathon.

I’m not saying I am definitely signing up…. but I’ll let you know if/when I do!

Thank you so much for all of the encouraging words! I really appreciate everyone’s support and it means a lot!