One of My Favorite Places

So I wrote this post a while ago and forgot to post it. Better late than never! 🙂

On July 4th Adam and I were meeting a friend in Ithaca. Ithaca is one of my absolute favorite places in the world! There are so many parks and trails with the most beautiful views, it’s surrounded by wine country and breweries, Cayuga Lake is beautiful, everyone is always friendly, and there are so many great places to eat! And you can’t forget that “Ithaca is gorges”!

We woke up at my normal early time, packed up the car and headed out. I enjoyed my coffee on the ride down.

It’s not a far drive from our house. We decided to make the day of it. I love running and walking the trail that goes from Cass Park to Stewart Park.

The route that we ran is about 8 miles round trip, but it goes so quickly! There is so much to look at. I spend most of the time admiring the views. Adam and I have probably ran this trail 10 times and it never gets old! Porter enjoys the run as well!


After we completed our run, we hung out in the shade and gave Porter some water while we also hydrated and ate our current favorite breakfast: fruit and yogurt. It’s surprising and delightful how much protein Greek yogurt has in it. Normally we add granola, but we forgot to pack it that day.

We got our sailboat ready and took it out on Cayuga Lake. This was our third sail total, and first time out of this lake. It was a perfect day for sailing. We ended up being out for about 3 hours! It was so relaxing that I’m excited to take it there again. Our boat doesn’t have a motor, so we got a good workout rowing out to the lake. Porter joined us for the first time and he loved it! He loved getting up on the edge and looking at the water.

We had a late lunch at Ithaca Bakery- one of our favorite places in Ithaca. Then met our friends at Buttermilk State Park where they were camping. It was great weather for camping.

By the time we were arriving back in the Syracuse area we could see fireworks from the highway in a couple different places on the horizon. It was a really pretty view.

This was one of the first days I actually felt like it was summer. We’ve been cooped up inside so often this year due to all of the rain. Speaking of, its currently pouring outside-no surprise!

Have you been to Ithaca, NY? What is one of your favorite things about Ithaca?

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Healthy Eats

Good morning! I hope you all had a happy and safe fourth of July!

I am so happy that it is finally feeling like summer! We are still getting a lot of rain which often puts a damper on summer plans, but the sun is starting to shine a little bit more often than not.

The last two years Adam and I have participated in a CSA to get fresh vegetables from a local farm. The farm is located only 4 miles from our house and the family that owns the farm is always so nice! The farm is Cobblestone Creek Farm feel free to check them out. If your local to the Syracuse area, I definitely recommend joining their CSA! We paid for our membership over the winter, and now our grocery bill is super low since we don’t need a whole lot of produce from the store. Plus, supporting a local business is always a good thing!

In our first pick up we got broccoli, garlic scapes, radishes, cucumbers, a basil plant, collard greens and eggs. I have never cooked with or had garlic scapes, to my knowledge. I used the collard greens to make Utica greens and put the scapes in the recipe. It was delicious!

Our second week we got lettuce, napa cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, snow peas and beets. Adam made a delicious dinner using the napa cabbage as wraps. He made a homemade curry sauce and put it over cooked ground beef and onions. He shredded carrots and cooked quinoa. We used the napa cabbage as wraps and put the curried beef, quinoa and carrots inside. We are having that tonight as leftovers and I am hungry just thinking about it!

I love that the CSA helps us to branch out and try new vegetables that we probably wouldn’t seek out at the store. We’re not picky eaters and love to try new things.

We recently got a juicer. I have been reading about juicing for about 2 years now and have wanted to do it. I didn’t know if I would like it and therefore always talked myself out of trying it. Some local places have juices that are fresh, and I have been trying different kinds. So I decided, I do like fresh made juices and got a juicer! Juicing is another great way to use vegetables from our CSA! 

Last week we made three different kinds of juices:

  • Carrot, apple, pineapple, ginger, lemon- this one was my favorite. We made it twice!
  • Kale, cucumber, lime, apple- this one was okay. I kept a little of the lime rind of when I put it threw and it made the juice have a little bit of a bitter taste to it.
  • Beets (greens and all), carrots, apples, lemon, ginger and parsley- this one was good!

I know that some people juice as a meal replacement, but I’m not trying to meal replace. I am more trying to snack replace. I could probably eat all day long- which gets me into trouble when I’m trying to fit into my clothes. Juicing is a healthy way to replace unhealthy snacks with a healthy one! Last year Adam and I were marathon training all summer and that helped save me from gaining weight. Now, I still have the hunger from marathon training, but am not working out quite as much.

Have you ever juiced? What are some recipes you recommend I try? I am open to suggestions!