Celebrating Grandma No No on her Birthday!

My Grandma and I at my brother’s wedding.

Today would have been my Grandmother’s 97th birthday. Sadly, she passed away last April and wont be here to celebrate this day. There are two ways I could approach today. I could be sad that she’s not here to wish happy birthday, eat cake with and celebrate with. I’m choosing to celebrate her life today and be happy that we were able to have such a close relationship.

Gnome kisses while my cousin steals my candy!

From as early as I can remember, my grandma was my babysitter. Sometimes she would come to our house to watch us, but most often we would go to hers. She took us to school, picked us up and watched us when we didn’t have school. She would braid my hair and make sure we were dressed. She fed us breakfast, lunch and dinner if necessary. We drank tea and watched soap opera’s together. I was her informant, telling her what my brother and cousins were up to and tattling if they were doing something they shouldn’t have been doing.

My Grandma always had a beautiful garden. She has such a green thumb!

My favorite memory was eating cut up bananas covered with cinnamon and sugar while watching Guiding Light together. She LOVED soap operas and got really into them! She would watch them from 11AM until Oprah came on at 4PM. They kept her very entertained.

Eating dessert of course!

Just like she helped me when I was younger, I was able to reciprocate and help her as she got older. When I got my license I began taking my Grandma to get groceries and where ever she needed to go when I was in town. When she began needing someone with her at all times, I would volunteer to help my mom and aunt whenever I could.

Adam, Grandma and I at Christmas!

Today I’ll be thinking of her a lot and all of the memories we shared together. I definitely inherited her sweet tooth. 🙂 So I will plan on having a donut for breakfast in her memory. I may also try putting together a puzzle or clogging- which she always talked about but never really showed me what it was. One of her greatest qualities was the ability to make people laugh. There’s truly something special about those who can put a smile on your face! She didn’t always tell you what you wanted to hear- but she always told you the truth the way she saw it.

This is my Grandma who was born on 1/25/1920 and my nephew, Andrew who was born on 1/25/2015. <3

In the end of her life she always asked if she could go home, no matter where she was. Even if she was home. I hope she made it home. I hope she’s happy.

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