Friday the 13th

Hope you all had a great week and are ready for the weekend! Hopefully you didn’t incur any bad luck on this Friday the 13th!

Any exciting plans for the weekend? Tonight Adam and I are having a date night, I have a run each day planned, painting a closet and building shelves for the closet to make it more useable space and relaxing of course!

This week I managed to run twice outside! I was super excited to be able to run outside and not freeze! Here was my running week:

Monday- Rest and recover day
Tuesday –  6.1 Miles-Treadmill; 11:20 average pace
Wednesday- 4.5 Miles-Treadmill; 11:32 average pace
Thursday- 6.3 Miles-Outside; 9:39 average pace
Friday-4.5 Miles-Outside; 9:32 average pace

I run much faster outside and you get the variation of running up and down hills which is better training for me. Do you run faster on a treadmill or outside? I always thought it would be the opposite, that it would be easier to run on a treadmill because there are no obstacles, no hills that can be challenging and no sharp turns to slow you down.

On Thursday, I ran with Adam and Porter. So that time included Porter’s real and fake bathroom stops. Sometimes he just likes to stop and smell the world around him! The temperature was amazing for running on Thursday! It was about 48 degrees when we woke up! I’m glad we took advantage of the nice weather.

Friday the temperature had dropped and was about 33 degrees when I woke up. But it felt so good on Thursday, I decided to layer up and go for it! For Christmas, our family got us these awesome hats to wear when running in the cold and darkness! It kept me nice and warm this morning and I felt good that it made me more visible to those around me. It’s important to make sure you are easily seen! We also wear these reflective vests when running and walking the dog in the early morning.

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