Hello Everyone! It has been my dream for a few years now to start a blog so, I’m finally doing it!

It was about 3 years ago that I was frustrated with myself for being over weight, inactive and unhealthy. I decided to do something about it! For Christmas 2013, my husband and I gifted ourselves a Concept 2 rowing machine. My husband had enjoyed rowing for exercise in the past and I needed something I could do at my own pace to work up endurance.

That year, we set a goal to row to the Bahamas (figuratively). We mapped out the approximate amount of meters it was from Syracuse, NY to Nassau, Bahamas by water. We scheduled a cruise to the Bahamas in the early fall to celebrate our accomplishment. We hit our goal a couple weeks before we left for vacation! We were so excited for accomplishing our goal together. In addition to cooperatively reaching our goal, I lost 30 pounds in the process and had a yearning to continue my journey with healthy eating and exercise.

After a few months of rowing under my belt, my husband and I were walking our dog (Porter) and my brother’s dog (Yeti) who we were dog sitting at the time. We were trying ever so hard to tire our energetic young pups out! After a while of walking, I asked my husband if he was interested in attempting to run with the dogs. I had never been a runner in my life, but thought it might be worth a try. I truly surprised myself when we ran over a mile that day! It went by very quickly and I was excited to run again and again after that day increasing my mileage as I continued to run.

The next year, I began training for my first half marathon. I was hooked on running and couldn’t get enough of it! For Christmas 2014 my husband and I gifted ourselves a treadmill so that we could continue to run in the winter. Since then, I have run a few 10Ks, 2 half marathons and one full marathon. This May, I will be running my second full marathon in Buffalo, NY.

As I continue my journey with exercise, I have learned the importance of properly fueling my body to prepare it for all of the challenges I put it through. I am looking forward to sharing with you my journey as I continue this healthy life style I have learned to love!

Please feel free to comment and share your experiences with me!